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As well as Stallions and Broodmares, we also offer young stock for little riders who are just starting out. Our Dartmoor ponies for sale in Lancashire make the absolute perfect first horse for growing riders. Gentle and reliable, they’re everything you could want in a starter pony. Westown Stud breed Highland and Dartmoor ponies to help preserve these wonderful breeds that are sadly endangered. We also partner with similar studs, to offer services for artificial insemination and the shipping of frozen semen from our stallions nationally.




Foal next to mother mare in English countryside.

Supporting These Breeds

The more of these wonderful Dartmoor and Highland ponies we can help reintroduce into the world, the better. All of our stallions and mares are of pure breed, officially registered and of excellent stock. When you buy one of our ponies, you’re not just gaining a wonderful new addition to the family, you’re also helping to support the survival and repopulation of these gentle, hardy and friendly breeds of pony.

Purchase a Foal

If you’re looking for a little one to join the family at your yard, look no further than Westown Stud. Get in contact by emailing us at and then come on by and see our foals, mares and stallions for yourself.

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Our Foals


Born and Raised with Love and Care

Every foal bred from our sires is of pure breed, with a recorded lineage dating back decades. If you’re interested in taking one home, send us an email to to make contact and arrange a stud visit.

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Why Choose Westown Stud?


All of our ponies are from good stock, known for their calm, gentle temperament.


Officially registered Dartmoor and Highland ponies are all we deal in here at Westown Stud.



The two breeds are known for their versatility, able to compete in a variety of competitions.


We started breeding out of love of these horses and that has never changed, since the first foal.



Mare and foal in a field.

The Purchasing Process

  • Get in touch with us by emailing us at
  • Come and meet your potential new pony at our stud, if you’re able to travel.
  • Arrange the collection of your new foal or stallion at a suitable time.
  • Enjoy your new best friend!
PLEASE NOTE: International buyers are very welcome at Westown Stud but we regret at we are unable to arrange international travel for your new pony.

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Our Other Services

Our Stallions

Our Stallions have placed in countless county competitions, not to mention our very own Westown Wildfire, who has just won Horse of the Year! Take a look at our stock here.


Our Mares

We also sell mares, ready to breed. They are registered Dartmoor and Highland ponies also, of pure stock. Take a look here to learn more about them.