Dartmoor &Highland Ponies in Lancashire





For nearly two decades now, Westown Stud has been assisting with the breeding of Dartmoor and Highland Ponies.

Dartmoor Ponies are the native breed of the county of Devon and ponies have been recorded living on the moors since the middle ages. Numbers of recorded registered dartmoor ponies has dramatically dropped with less than 1000 breeding mares remaining.  They cannot exceed 12.2hh and are brown, black, bay, chestnut and roan in colour, white markings discouraged. True to type ponies should have a small head, short from eye to muzzle, small alert ears and kind eye. Head well set on a good neck, throat and jawlines fine. good solid shoulder, body medium length well ribbed giving good depth of girth. Hindquarters strong and well covered with muscle, tail set well. Limbs- feet well shaped and hard, hocks let down with plenty of length from hip. strong second thigh. muscular forearm large flat knee with short cannons good flat bone. 


Highland Ponies is a native Scottish pony being one of the largest M&M pony breeds in the British Isles standing at between 13hh- 14.2hh. in height. Breeding dating back to the 1880's. Numbers now are between 900 and 1500. They should have pony head with short ears and broad muzzle, short nose length and a kind alert expression, thick but good length neck and well sloped shoulder. Powerful hind quarters and thigh, with flat hocks.Short cannon bones, broad knees and should move with very little knee action. There hardy stature is what ensures they can live outside all year round in the Scottish climate. Winter coat is double layered to cope with rain. They come in a range of colours - various shades of dun, bay, black, grey, and rare liver chestnut with silver mane and tail. the usually feature a dorsal stripe and zebra leg markings. White markings are discouraged 






Supporting Endangered Breeds

Did you know that there are only a few thousand Dartmoor and Highland Ponies left in the world? We’re not ready to say goodbye to these gentle, calm, trusting breeds just yet, so we’re immensely proud to contribute to the re-population of the breed with our Dartmoor and Highland ponies for sale in Lancashire, as well as our services for artificial insemination and our frozen sperm shipments, available to the entire UK and internationally.

Stallions at Studs

Our stallions are all well mannered with good limb, movement and gentlemen to cover with! send us an email at enquiries@westownstud.co.uk to get in touch and find out more about our Highland and Dartmoor ponies at stud.

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Our Stallions

Meet our studs! Dougal and Lennox are the resident stallions here at Westown Stud, available for breeding in Colne, Lancashire.


Dougal of Dykes

Dougal of Dykes Highland stallion jumping over a fence.

A Highland Stallion with a cool head and mischievous streak, Dougal has been a part of our lives here for the better part of a decade. We first came upon him in 2013 and fell completely in love. He helped our founder Sarah rediscover her love of riding after a nasty fall and is a kind soul who loves nothing more than getting absolutely filthy.

 About Dougal of Dykes 

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Lennox of Westown

Lennox of Weston walking around horse competition.

Also known as Asbo, due to the cheeky nature he had whilst growing up, Lennox the Dartmoor stallion has since matured into a quiet, well-mannered horse with a competitive flare that has seen him place at various county shows, qualify for NPS Summer Championships and win “Pride of Highland” at the Gwynbeth Iceni Show three years in a row!

 About Lennox of Westown 

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Stallion Services We Offer

Artificial Insemination

We’re proud to partner with Ribble View Stud to offer fresh  artificial insemination service. We provide high-quality semen, with which Stallion AI can inseminate your mare.

Frozen Sperm Shipments

Also through Stallion AI, we provide shipments of our frozen sperm, to all manner of people throughout the UK, to be used for insemination by a trusted stud near you.

Standing at Stud

If you have a female that you’re looking to breed, we have the finest stallions standing at stud. We ask only that the mare is swabbed before visiting our stud.



Why Choose Westown Stud?


Dartmoor and Highland Ponies are well-known for being gentle, calm and loving.


We’re fully committed to the preservation of these breeds. Their quality is the very highest.



The two breeds are known for their versatility, able to compete in a variety of competitions.


We’re fuelled by our passion for these breeds and show love to every single pony we rear.



Dark maned horse dartmoor pony.



The Purchasing Process

  • Get in touch with us by emailing enquiries@westownstud.co.uk.
  • Come and meet your potential new pony at our stud, if you’re able to travel.
  • Arrange the collection of your new foal or stallion at a suitable time.
  • Enjoy your new best friend!
PLEASE NOTE: International buyers are very welcome at Westown Stud but we regret that we are unable to arrange international travel for your new pony. That will have to be arranged by buyers.

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Find Your New Stallion Right Here at Westown Stud

If you like the look of any of our Highland ponies for sale in Lancashire, get in contact with us by emailing us at enquiries@westownstud.co.uk to find out more and arrange a meeting with your new friend!

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Our Other Services

Our Mares

We also rear broodmares at Westown Stud. Take a look at our Mares page for more information.


Our Young Stock

For little riders, we also offer foals. Take a look at our Young Stock page to find a friend for your child.

 Young Stock