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Westown Stud is committed to helping numbers rise in both the Highland and Dartmoor pony breeding. Sadly, the two breeds’ numbers have fallen to only a few thousand worldwide, so we’re incredibly excited to be apart of this. We have been breeding high-quality stock for nearly two decades, and next year we are hoping to have 6 highland and dartmoor foals due. Fresh semen is available from our elite stallions at Ribble View Stud where our stallions stand and hopefully we will be adding frozen semen by the end of the year which can be shipped nationally., We occasionally have youngstock  for sale.



Lovely highland pony mare standing by a stone wall.

Supporting These Breeds

These endangered breeds are so worth saving, providing excellent companionship for horse-lovers across the country. Gentle but hardy, versatile but reliable, they make the perfect ponies for riders young and old. We’re proud to play our part in boosting the numbers of these wonderful breeds, with our broodmares for sale in Lancashire and across the UK.

Highland Broodmares

If you’re looking for a quality foal from one of our beautiful mares Email us at to learn more now!

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Our Mares

Our mares are all of pure breed themselves, perfect for maintaining the numbers of the Dartmoor and Highland pony breeds, with the help of our pure-bred stallions. They are competitors or former competitors themselves, versatile and charming. We love and treat them with care, here at Westown Stud.


Cora of Parkview

Cora is a 10-year-old grey dun registered Highland pony, standing at 14hh. Cara was my first highland pony broodmare. She bred me my first Highland Pony (Lennox) and is the most fabulous girl. She is broken to ride but prefers to be a mum. She is the matriarch of the herd and, although not nasty, she leads the way and can tell the others what to do with just a look or swish of her head. She is mum to Lennox, Moibel, Charlotte and Genesis. She is expecting a foal to Craigenroe McCallan in June.

Pumphill Cascarda

Cas is a 12-year-old registered Dartmoor mare in dark bay, standing at 12.1hh. Cas is on breed loan here from the Seves Stud and, very kindly, Sophie Scott has let us have Cas to breed from. Cas can be a character and a little aloof with us, until the food comes out that is! She is the most fabulous mum and, bizarrely enough, breeds the friendliest foals. She also lives off fresh air! She has lovely old breedlines and, now the Pumphill ponies are no more, I am thrilled to be able to breed from her.

Tiffany of Carlung

Tiffany is an 8-year-old gret dun Highland mare, standing at 13.2hh. Tia is a very friendly, quiet girl and fits well in the herd. She is mum to Gypsy Jewel and Noah. She loves being a mum and does her foals well. Tia has been with us since she was three years old.

Moortown Posie

Posie is a 20-year-old registered Dartmoor pony mare, in dark bay, standing at 12hh. Posie will be joining us in the next few weeks, along with her colt foal, who will also hopefully be retained as a future stallion, to bring in new bloodlines. Posie is a fabulous mum and loves her job. She looks tremendous for her age!

Lismore Golden Princess 

Goldie is a fox dun 14 year old highland mare 





Bring Your Mare to Our Stud

If you’re interested in any of our quality stallions or would like to breed your own mare, then get in touch via email, at, to learn more.

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Why Choose Westown Stud?


Dartmoor and Highland Ponies are well-known for being gentle, calm and loving.


We’re fully committed to the preservation of these breeds. Their quality is the very highest.



The two breeds are known for their versatility, able to compete in a variety of competitions.


We’re fueled by our passion for these breeds and show love to every single pony we rear.



Dark maned horse dartmoor pony.



The Purchasing Process

  • Get in touch with us by emailing us at
  • Come and meet your potential new pony at our stud, if you’re able to travel.
  • Arrange the collection of your new foal or stallion at a suitable time.
  • Enjoy your new best friend!
PLEASE NOTE: International buyers are very welcome at Westown Stud but we regret at we are unable to arrange international travel for your new pony.

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Our Other Services

Our Stallions

We also rear quality Stallions, here at Westown Stud. Take a look at our Stallions page for more information.


Our Young Stock

For little riders, we also offer foals. Take a look at our Young Stock page to find a friend for your child.

 Young Stock