Dartmoor and Highland Ponies in Lancashire

Westown Stud was started nearly 20 years ago when we began to breed Dartmoor ponies , as the children outgrew the dartmoors we looked for a larger replacement and fell in love with the Highland pony! Our mission is to support the Dartmoor and Highland breeds, which are both low in numbers, with only a few thousand of each left in the world! We try to breed ponies that can participate in a variety of disciplines, with quiet temperaments, good looks, limb and movement but we also want our ponies to be loving companions. Dartmoor's and Highlands were the best possible choice for my children and now the are all part of our family. We love visitors so please get in touch if you would like to come and meet them.

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Dartmoor and Highland Stallions at Stud

We stand several stallions at stud in conjunction with Ribble View Stud who offer complete packages for mare owners which can be tailored to your needs. Get in contact via email (enquiries@westownstud.co.uk) 

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The Story So Far

Eighteen years ago  I purchased my first dartmoor pony when my daughter was just a baby as I wanted to give her a companion that could be her best friend.  I then started breeding Dartmoor ponies as it turns out they’re a rather addictive breed and I just couldn’t stop! They’re a uniquely versatile breed that provide fantastic companionship and are able to compete in a variety of disciplines – perfect for a children's pony! All my children loved them but eventually outgrew them (literally). I then moved on to  Highland ponies, which were more suitable for their riding needs. I picked these two breeds because, sadly they’re both highly endangered. Through Westown Stud, I’m so glad to be a part of the effort to repopulate these beautiful breeds, 

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Horse of the Year Show 2021

We’re immensely proud to announce that our very own Westown Wildfire has won Horse of the Year 2021, in his class: Dartmoors, Exmoors and Shetlands! Because of this, our Stud has also been awarded the Duntarvie Stud Small Breeds Owner/Breeder Award!

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Why Choose Westown’s Ponies?

Ideal Temperament

Dartmoor and Highland ponies are intelligent, gentle and calm, making for fantastic companions to people young and old. For young learners they provide the perfect introduction to the world of horsemanship.

Quality of the Ponies

We’ve been committed to breeding Highland and Dartmoor ponies, to the very highest standard, for almost two decades. Our commitment to these breeds ensures that every foal or stallion that we sell is of the highest quality.

Versatile in Abilities

Highland and Dartmoor ponies are among the hardiest breeds in existence, able to survive and thrive on cold moors and in harsh climates around the country. They are also inquisitive, gentle and capable of competing in a variety of disciplines.

Love & Passion

We couldn’t properly serve these gentle, beautiful breeds without genuine passion for what we do. We’re all horse-lovers, here at Westown, rearing every foal with the same love and care as we did when we first started all those years ago.




Gorgeous highland pony mare and foal.

The Purchasing Process

Get in Touch

First things first – send us an email, at enquiries@westownstud.co.uk and let’s have a chat. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure we can find a subsantial foal, or the right for your mare, wherever you are.


Come and Visit

Once we’ve had a chat about what you’re looking for, come and see for yourself. Meet your potential new pony or future stallion choice and see how you like them. We’re sure you will!


Enjoy Your New Family Member

Whether you’ve picked up a stud or one of our Dartmoor ponies for sale in Lancashire, we’re sure the result will be the same – a beautiful, loving, new pony as part of your family!

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Our Ponies


We offer Purebred Registered Dartmoor Ponies, complete with all paperwork ensuring their authenticity.



Our mares are of excellent stock also, being of pure breed themselves and ripe for foaling.


Young Stock

Coming from such good stock, our young horses are of the finest quality, reared with passion for the breed to which they belong.

 Young Stock 




Highland & Dartmoor Ponies for Sale in Lancashire and Across the UK

We have quality ponies, mares, stallions and semen from the best studs for sale. To arrange a visit to our stud or simply to find out more about our ponies, give us a call on PHONE and let’s have a chat.

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